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Atomic Vacuum Co. (Exports)
Atomic Vacuum Co.
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  • 40 plants supplied till December 2017, for the Waste oil re-refining plants, Most plants in the World
  • Waste Oil Re-Refining plants, Bleaching Clay free, Distilled base oils processed with recoverable polymers
  • High Vacuum Process plants and Equipments
  • High Vacuum Molecular Distillation Plants
  • High Vacuum Systems (upto 10-6 mBar)
  • High Vacuum, Thin Film Evaporators
  • High Vacuum Frying Plants
  • Thin Film Dryers

Company Profile

Atomic Vacuum Company(Exports) was established in 1986 for the manufacturing of various high vacuum process plants and exports.

Simultaneously, for catering to the growing domestic market, ChemVac Engineers was established in 1986 in the nearby location at Maharastra Industrial Development Corporation Plot at Taloja, New Bombay, India.

Since then, these units have been manufacturing various high vacuum process plants (Thin film Evaporators, High Vacuum Short path (Molecular) distillation plants for various applications in the field of Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical s, bulk-drugs, fine chemicals, perfumery, flavors, essential oils.

Some of the applications involve the following
• Supply of various chemical projects in perfumery, pharma, bio-technology, petrochemicals , natural Herbal Pesticides etc
• New heating systems(induction&impedance)

We have sold more than 200 Short path Distillation(Molecular Distillation Plants) for various applications in last 28 years of operations. OUR WASTE OIL RE-REFINING PROJECTS ARE PROMOTED BY MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

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